Smoky grey glass door with a side panel and an alder frame

The Harvia glass door with a side panel creates a unified and impressive look for your sauna. The glass door increases the sense of space in your sauna and shower room, unifying the rooms in a stylish manner. Thanks to the two glass doors, the door with a side panel facilitates installation in facilities that require a small turn radius for the door. The glass door solution with a side panel opens new design possibilities and, combined with other Harvia decoration elements, enables you to create a sauna to match your dreams. For the frame of the double door, you can choose between light-coloured aspen and warm, reddish alder, and for the glass colour, you can choose between smoky grey, bronze or clear. Make an impression with your glass door and enjoy the quality of a Sauna & Spa pioneer of more than 60 years.

890 x 1890 mm

Increased sense of space in a small sauna

Harvia glass door with sidelights consists of two parts, which together form an openable glass door unit. Choose the glass colour from smoky grey, bronze or clear. The door frame is made of aspen or alder. The glass door with opening sidelights meets the requirements for accessibility in new constructions where the inside dimensions of the frame should be at least 800mm. Thanks to the two-piece door, it can be placed in tight spaces that require a shorter turning radius. The door parts are kept closed using magnetic closure at the top corners.

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