Smoky grey glass door with a pine frame

Harvia glass doors are an excellent solution for facilities where the materials are required to have an especially good resistance to humidity. With the stylish, rectangular glass doors by Harvia, you can create just the kind of visual look you want and finish your sauna decoration scheme. The wood frame materials are: natural pine, light-coloured aspen and reddish brown alder. You can combine the frame of your choosing with the following safety glass colour options: bronze, smoky grey, clear or matte-finished satin. The aesthetically pleasing glass door by Harvia creates a soft atmospheric lighting and a sense of space in the sauna and the shower room. Grab a stylish Harvia door and enjoy the quality of a Sauna & Spa pioneer of more than 60 years.

STG 9 x 21

Durable quality and warm atmosphere within one frame

The heat and humidity of a sauna make great demands on doors. They must be able to withstand high temperatures and splashes of water, and be secure. Harvia sauna doors have been specifically developed for saunas. The door glass is reinforced 8 mm thick safety glass. The door opens and shuts smoothly. The glass is a warm bronze or smoky grey tone. You can also select the doorglass in satin or clear. The frame alternatives are traditional pine and also alder and aspen, which are free of knots.

The glass door gives a greater impression of light and space, and is furthermore safe and secure. Keeping an eye on children is made easier with the glass door. The glass door is also the only good and enduring alternative for a door between dressing-room and bathroom. The glass door frame is fully service-free and will last for years.

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