The world of Harvia Sauna & Spa

The benches, the softness of the steam, the bath’s embrace… You are warmly invited to enjoy your sauna with all your senses. Among all the noise and haste it is Harvia who creates complete oases for you to feel good, where you can relish in the perfect harmony of body and mind.

Find Warmfulness – the art of enjoying warmth.


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The seven steps of the Warmfulness experience:

1. Prepare for sauna bathing
2. Enjoy the warmth with all your senses - being consciously present
3. Wash yourself calmly
4. Take another sauna bath
5. Go to the dressing room, cool off and enjoy your dozy feeling
6. Notice how clean and refreshed you are
7. Repeat at least once a week..

You can start collecting the sauna experience of your dreams one sense at a time:

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What does the sauna you desire look like? The exterior, the bench solutions, the heater and interior... And what about the windows? Shall we have a view to the lake? As you create an ambience with sauna lighting, you then complete it all with accessories and textiles.

You get everything from Harvia - your world famous designer.

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Do you want to indulge in your favorite music while in sauna, or rather enjoy the silence?
Or maybe you yearn for the eternal sounds of nature: earth, wind, fire and water. They remind you of sauna at a lakeside cottage - waves sloshing, the crackling sound of burning wood - even if you happen to be sitting in an infrared sauna installed in your living room.

The touch key on your digital control panel obeys your orders - silently.

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Shall we throw soft and humid steam today, or fast and hot steam that you definitely feel? You will certainly find your favorite heater from the world’s largest sauna heater producer’s line-up. And how about your bench solution - do you know the touch of real wood to you skin? Maybe you stretch yourself by lying straight on the benches, with a soft pillow under your head and a few splashes of water to cool your warm skin.

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Oh, how wonderful a clean sauna smells! Do you choose to complement it with the aroma of a real Finnish sauna whisk or rather a more ethereal bathing atmosphere? Will it be a refreshing menthol moment, eucalyptus or honeysuckle today? A delightful scent spreads to your nostrils and life is good again.

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Nothing beats a reviving sauna drink or bite. What is your preferred menu for a sauna bath with your friends, your family, that special person, or just by yourself?

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In summary

Sauna bathing is an experience of many senses, which has proven positive effects on our health and which relaxes us both physically and mentally. We recommend it.


What does the sauna or spa of your dreams look like?

Harvia offers complete solutions for small and big requirements, to renovators and builders, to individuals and companies – based on nearly 70 years of experience with sauna culture in its home country Finland and all over the world.