Cilindro Pro 10.0/13.5 kW

The Cilindro Pro electric heater gives off hearty steam in a family sauna, but the superior features of the heater are especially beneficial to commercial saunas, hotels and housing companies, for example. The impressive, 130 cm tall pillar heater contains a massive 140 kg of stones, and the robust heat elements are designed to withstand long operating times. This guarantees plenty of hearty steam for large groups of bathers. When you want the most out of your heater, choose the professional quality of the world’s largest sauna heater manufacturer.

(must be equipped with a separate control unit)

Robust pillar heater for professionals

The Cilindro Pro 100E/135E is impressive source of heat and steam for family saunas, but commercial saunas, hotels and housing companies, for example, gain the most benefit from its features.

The 130-cm tall heater contains 140 kg of stones, along with robust heating elements that have been designed to withstand extended use. Together, these features ensure that there is always enough heat for everyone, regardless of the headcount.

Cilindro Pro 100E/135E heaters are controlled by a separate control unit.

A total of two power versions of the heater can be made available by changing the electrical connections.
The output of the Cilindro Pro 100E/135E can be modified to 10 or 13.2 kW.

The heater can be equipped with protective plate HPC5, which enables the heater to be installed closer to a wall or corner of the sauna. The plate also protects the wall surfaces from water and stone dust stains.

Model PC100E/135E
Groups 1
Output kW 10 13,2
Group 1 Δ  γ
Fuses 1 (A) 3 x 16A 3 x 20A
Fuses 2 (A)
Connecting cable 1 H07RN-F min. (mm2) 5 x 2,5 5 x 6
Connecting cable 2 H07RN-F min. (mm2)
Sauna room cubic vol. min. m3 9 11
Sauna room cubic vol. max. m3 16 20
Sauna room height min. (mm) 1900
Stones kg max.
(Stone size Ø 5–10 cm, AC3000)
Dimensions Width mm 355
Dimensions Height mm 1300
Dimensions Depth mm 355
Weight kg 18
Color Steel
Stone capacity max. kg 140 (Ø 5–10 cm, AC3000)